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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to stay in Turkey for a hair transplant?

For an effective hair transplant, we suggest a minimum stay of 2 days in Turkey. Upon arrival, the option to undergo the operation is available. If your flight is scheduled early, a same-day hair transplant procedure can be arranged. In the case of a later arrival, you can relax in your hotel room on the first day and proceed with the operation the following day.

Is it possible to resume my daily activities immediately after the operation?

After the operation, you have the flexibility to resume your regular daily routine, although we recommend our patients to take 1-2 days of rest. Additionally, please note that depending on the nature of certain occupations, wearing a helmet or hat may be restricted for a period of time.

Does the use of alcohol or cigarettes have any impact on the operation?

While smoking and alcohol use do not necessarily hinder the operation, it's important to note that they can have an impact on hair loss. To ensure successful anesthesia, it is advised to abstain from their use for a day both before and after the operation.

Which technique will I undergo the operation with? Which technique is better?

We employ a personalized approach. Before the operation, our specialist doctor determines the most suitable technique for you and ensures you are well-informed.

How long do I need to continue using the specialized shampoo?

You should use the recommended shampoo for one month. Once you are confident in the health of your hair and scalp, you may resume using your regular shampoo.

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