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Hollywood Smile

Diş Kontrolü

"Hollywood Smile" stands out as a pivotal application within aesthetic dentistry, aimed at enhancing the attractiveness of individuals' teeth. Typically sought to rectify aesthetic imperfections predominantly in the anterior teeth, this procedure targets a comprehensive transformation of one's smile by altering the shape, size, color, and even alignment of the teeth.

The treatment commences with a meticulous design phase, tailoring the teeth to harmonize with the individual's facial features and desired smile aesthetics. Subsequently, imperfections are addressed utilizing a variety of aesthetic dental materials such as porcelain veneers or composite fillings. Careful consideration is given to selecting a tooth color tone that achieves a natural appearance and aligns with the desired smile aesthetics.

Hollywood Smile treatment typically unfolds across multiple visits, each phase meticulously planned and executed. The outcome often yields a remarkable enhancement and aesthetic revitalization of the individual's smile, potentially fostering heightened self-assurance and an enhanced overall quality of life.

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